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Response from GreenRa: Yes, I noticed that it became an inactive project and in a lot of ways, it was correctly labeled so.
Firstly, I still want to create it, there is so much potential to expand on the story of the MM line's story and the game to.
However, I must say that I was a little over ambitious.
There are a few issues with the development of the game: I am not the most experienced with programming (I have only used java and I am stuck mainly with more basic functions) and with running and rendering with 3D engines such Unity Player, etc. The models themselves, now that I look at them with a more critical eye, were a start, but were still terrible in design.
Also, I lost the flash stick that had the model files.
And lastly, I am at an important stage in my schooling and I have little time to spare so far.
other notes: He says he would like to continue/re-start this project at some point in time, though

As some of you may or may not have not known, I am doing a crystalien conflict 2: The Mars Crusades. I am already working on the models, and I would like to show you my first made model which WILL be in the game.

Here is the claw tank ambush: this is the current one I have. It will be used in the second Crystalien conflict game. It will have a siege ability as well

Claw tank
claw tank side view
These are the claw tank ambushes. I am working on the animation for them, using the rigging in maya.

And here are the trike pictures. YAY! :D




And here we have the astro fighter model, and its assault walker form. In the game, not only will the astro fighter not have to return to the radar station, but it can transform into a ground fighter, to support ground forces. Will be effective against infantry and drones.

Astro fighter, and walker transformation
Astro fighter
Astro fighter
Astro fighter, thrusters
Astro fighter
Astro fighter, top view

And here is the astro fighter in it's assault walker mode:
Astro fighter, walker version
Astro fighter, walker version

And here is a close up of its weapons. What kind they should be, I don't know for sure yet, but these are its current weapons in walker form.
Astro fighter, walker form weapons

So, here are the models for the second crystalien conflict 2: the Mars crusade.
Give me feed back please!

Also here is my Mars Crusade story:
I have added a bit to it. Could I have some feed back as well for it!

After years of fighting with what they had, the astronauts received better equipment to defend themselves by Earth's Universal government. They received combat suites for the infantry that gave them more speed, agility, and strength. Pulse rifles also came with them, giving the infantry stronger, faster firing weapons. They also upgraded the claw tank with a plasma disc artillery siege cannon. However it required the claw tank to be anchored down to the ground in order to fire this deadly ground to ground weapon, because of the strength exerted for firing. The astronauts also began to use a satellite probe, that originally was used on their Hypersonic Operations spacecrafts. It proved to have stealth like abilities, and proved very affective for scouting and detection.
Many other upgrades were made as well.

The astronauts were beginning to exhaust their crystal fields, and soon in a couple of weeks, the commanders knew that they would be depleted in a few weeks. Even if they were to move locations, it would mean stepping into alien territory, and risking hundreds of lives, just to mine these crystals. However, it was then decided, by the astronaut, military specialist: Ronald G. Sulivan, to punch through the alien territory. His plan was to first send out satellites to scout the area of choice: sector 115632 or the Hevran heights, for crystal fields and alien activity. They would then send in four Hypersonic operations spacecraft to establish mining outposts, and begin mining operations. He would then amass forces and head out to the area. Any sign of trouble and the mining outposts would take off within a few hours.

As Sulivan's forces began to move out, intelligence received a distress call from all four of the mining outposts. They had been ambushed and were not holding off well. What troubled the astronaut's headquarters was that the outposts were attacked at the exact same time. All four of the outpost's radios, and communicating systems cut off one by one, within about 10 minutes. Multiple contacts were made to them, but no answers were received. Probes soon revealed smoking ruins where the outposts had been. Not only that, as Sulivan's forces had arrived at the ruins not too soon after, they spotted several alien vehicles, never seen before. The astronauts knew that they were soon in for a bigger problem then they had reckoned before.

Ronald G. Sullivan ordered all forces to withdraw from the sector immediately before any casualties were numbered, but they would not come out unscathed. Energy weapons, much like to artillery weapons, fired and rained upon Sullivan’s forces. Sullivan was forced to engage the enemy forces, and soon was locked in combat. Sullivan called in Hypersonic operations spacecraft’s to the battle field in hopes of bombarding the alien forces and destroying the sources of the alien artillery. Sadly, Sullivan’s requested air strike was intercepted by alien craft, both familiar and unfamiliar. The Hypersonic operations spacecraft’s would not make it. Quick evacs were requested at this desperate hour, and would take about 15 min to arrive. Sullivan then knew that he would have to face the alien threat head on. It was time to put the new weapons to use. Sullivan ordered battle groups of Claw tanks, to switch into their artillery mode, in order to bombard the alien’s main attack force: drones. Unlike the last drones used before Earth had blessed the Astronauts with better equipment, the main alien infantry called drones were armed with spear-like energy weapons. They were designed to be close combat weapons as well, but only if they had no choice but to engage in close quarters combat. This time though, these drones were quite the surprise. First off, they wore quite a lot of armor, when before armor was not a huge use in the older drones. Not only that, but also the “energy spears”, the drone’s weapons, were armed with spike like blades of a metal never encountered. It cut through human flesh like soft butter, and the energy spear didn’t lose its ability to fire. These drones were now firing while charging Sullivan’s infantry and other forces of his. They were threatening to overwhelm Sullivan’s forces. That's were the Claw tanks came in. Their artillery fire was extremely effective. Denying passage of the drones to the astronaut infantry.

Hope it's good! Its not completely finished yet though.

And here is the Unit info:

Some of the Units had no name, so I kinda gave them one. So if you don't seem to like a certain name for one (or all of them...) just post a thread below.
So read and enjoy:

Astro Unit information:

Workers are the workhorses in the game. They gather recourses required to build structures and units. Plus they have the ability to build your productive and defensive structures in the game. They are not designed for combat, even though some of them are able to or armed with some weapons, they will not deal a lot of damage. The types are listed below:

MT-109 Gorilla:
This giant mining mech was designed to be a heavy duty, armored miner. It is equipped with a drill and a crystal detector, which allows it to mine crystals quicker and more accurately. Its max hold of crystals is 100. It can construct structures.
The Gorilla was an earlier experiment to make a battle mech, designed to be able to be a very mobile unit. However in its first few battles, it proved to be ineffective because of its legs, which the aliens targeted to take them out quickly. They were also too slow because of all the armor to protect their legs, and were quickly removed from battle. Later they redesigned it to be a mining unit, and its success skyrocketed to its current use.

MT-36 driller “Skitter”:
A small mining vehicle designed solely for the use of mining. It has been used by the Hypersonic operations spacecraft crews to have instant mining operations, when establishing a new mining base. It is lightly armored, and is one of the cheapest ways to gain crystals, and can be easily replaceable (although you don’t want it to have to be replaced in the first place). It can only mine crystals however.

MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit:
This armored Behemoth is the most used of the mining units. Its armored hull, and ability to mine and hold a good number of crystals, makes it a very useful vehicle. The new version of the MT-101 now makes use of its experimental mining equipment: the gravity sphere launcher. The launcher creates energy and contains it in a gravitational field to fire it on stone to soften it up in order to get to the crystals more easily. It however, was not being used as often, and was seen as a waste of space and weight, and was almost about to be removed, but Ronald Sullivan saw a use in it as a defensive turret, and ordered to keep the launcher. It now serves as a defensive turret, although does not deal that much damage. The MT-101 also makes use of its scouting vehicle, nicknamed the “critter”. This light scout vehicle is useful for mainly finding more crystal patches. Even though it is armed with a weapon, it is only for defensive purposes, or to buy time for the MT-101 to get to safety, or until forces come to the rescue.

MT-Mini Robot:
In the early days of the Mars Mission, robotics specialists on Mars were working on a robot designed to assist astronaut miners in the harvesting of crystals. However when the astronauts discovered aliens living on the red planet, and then a war to follow, the project was delayed. Near the discovering of the Alien hive on Olympus Mons, the first working model was put on the field. The Mini Robot has no means of defending itself, so putting it on the front lines is not a good idea. It is the cheapest of all miners, but has low crystal storage, max: 50. However, they can be produced quickly and in large numbers, cheaply. Plus they are one of the workers that can harvest crystal gas. It has the ability to construct structures, and can be assisted by multiple other mini robots to speed up production.

MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker:
A gigantic, walking, powerhouse of pure crystal mining power, the Ultra-Drill is one of the Astros biggest achievements in mining technology. It is also the most able mining unit that can easily defend itself off for quite a time, till forces arrive to the rescue. And in some cases they have been used in battles!
During the first war with the aliens (before the alien hives discovery), astronauts were desperate to make new ways of mining crystals more efficiently, since they were required in order to power their vehicles. They wanted to create a heavy-duty mining unit, which could act as an outpost, with the ability to migrate to new patches of crystals, without the whole relocation operation. And that's when a design for a huge, walking, mining machine came in. It never came out in time to help out in the first alien war, but played a huge key role in the battles on Olympus Mons.
The Ultra-Drill walker is equipped with a massive drill, designed to fire lasers at the tip of the drill to melt away Martian stone. However, it must be pointed directly at the ground in order to function correctly and efficiently for this operation. This however means that it must stay stationary during the time. When “migrating” the Ultra-Drill lifts its massive drill till it is horizontal. This is its transportation position and defensive position. The drill’s laser firing ability has been used to defend the Ultra-Drill from enemies. However it has a recharge time of about 4 seconds until it can fire again. The drill also is capable of constructing air transports (MT-30 “Donkey”). The Ultra-Drill can construct as many as it wants, but when migrating can only merge with one. MT-30s are required in order to get recourses from the Ultra-Drill to the main bases.

Combat Units:
These units are responsible for the defense and offense in your battles. Each is armed with one or multiple weapons; each designed to serve different destructive functions. There are surface combat units and sky combat units. Each comes into different categories, for instance long range and short range, and others: speed or armor strength. Some don’t have any functional repeating weapons, and are designed to be spell casters. Spell casters are units that cannot defend themselves (most of them) but can use special abilities that can damage enemy units and/or structures or assist your own combat units or workers and sometimes even your structures. E.g. EMP is an ability, which temporarily scrambles your enemy’s vehicle units systems temporarily, freezing them in place and unable to retaliate.
There are many categories of combat units, and are put into three categories from what production building they are built from:

So this isn't finished, but it will be. I am also continuing to make the models. The game might take a while to come out, but its working progress. :)

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